Disney Baby Inspired Nursery Mobile Tutorial

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MagicBabyMoments #CollectiveBiasDisneyHero2Last year on Christmas Day, my brother and his wife told me some very exciting news… they were expecting a baby boy! Finding out I was going to be a first-time aunt was thrilling. Plus I was excited for my son to finally have a cousin in the family. Now if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know my family and I LOVE Disney. So I was quite determined to give my new nephew a bit of that Disney magic in his nursery! Luckily I discovered the amazing Disney Baby line, available at Walmart.

The Disney Baby “Let’s Go Mickey” crib bedding set immediately caught my eye. It features the colors of aqua, red, white, and grey with chevron accents. I knew it would match well with the grey and white decor of my nephew’s nursery. When I started to pull out the contents of the bedding, the first thing that caught my eye, was the cool outlines of Mickey’s head on the crib sheet.DisneyCloseUpInspired by the Mickey outline, I immediately got the idea to create a DIY mobile for his nursery. Before I explain a step by step tutorial, check out the other contents of the bedding set! This particular set includes a crib sheet, a skirt for the bottom of the crib, and a fluffy quilt.DisneyBabyFullSetThe quilt features the colorful cartoon characters Mickey and his dog Pluto. Along side the fun letters spelling out “MICKEY”, you’ll also see the same Mickey outlines as seen on the crib sheet.DisneyQuiltNow onto the tutorial…

Nursery Mobile Tutorial

variety of colors of cardstock
an embroidery ring
1″ circle punch
a roll of clear jewelry thread
Mickey Mouse outline (printed on sheets of paper or use a cookie cutter)

Now there are variations of this mobile, and honestly, you can create the decor with a variety of colors, patterns, strand lengths, and number of strands, to your choosing. Since my mobile will feature Mickey outlines, I actually printed them and used those outlines to trace and cut the cardstock. Alternately, you could use a Mickey cookie cutter to trace on the cardstock. DisneyItemsAs you can see above, I decided to use four colors. The aqua, grey, and white featured in the bedding set, as well as a different shade of grey to stay within the color theme.DisneyCutoutsFor each “shape” of the mobile, you’ll need to cut out two shapes per one shape (so there are two sides). For instance, for this mobile, I decided on 4 strands, each with two Mickey heads, and two 1-inch circles. Therefore, I needed 16 Mickey heads and 16 circles total.DisneySetUpThe first thing to do is to lay out the shapes in the pattern you wish to create. Keep in mind, this is just one side of the mobile. So let’s say you have 3 aqua circles, only lay down 3 circles, but make sure you have 3 on the side. So whatever you lay down, you’ll need a copy of it on the side. You’ll use the copies later. As you can see from above, I alternated the colors and shapes to create a fun pattern. DisneyStringsCut long strands of the clear thread and tape them to the shapes. You can see above the strands I created.DisneyGlueOnce they are all taped, take your glue, and cover the side of the shape that the tape is attached.DisneyTogetherOnce that is done, place a copy of that shape right on top. Push down so that the two shapes are now stuck together. Do this for each shape, one by one.DisneyReady Once you are done, trim the shapes so that they match more evenly. Then tie the strands to the embroidery ring. Then tie the clear thread to at least four different sections of the embroidery ring so that when you hang it, it will hang evenly. DisneyMobileAs I mentioned before, you can actually recreate this mobile in any color combination, with any shapes. Also the strand lengths can vary, as well as the circle/Mickey size combinations can vary. The possibilities are endless, so feel free to get creative!

You can find Disney Baby products at your local Walmart. Head right over to the “Baby” section! I found the Disney Baby bedding easily with the other nursery products on the shelf by the big “Baby” sign.
DisneyBabyCollageAside from the “Let’s Go Mickey” bedding I decided on, Disney Baby also offers Minnie Happy Day, Lion King Jungle, and Nemo themed. Brand new bedding collections include Cinderella, Monsters, and Ariel!

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I’ve shown you how Disney Baby inspired me with a DIY nursery mobile. What would you do for your Disney Baby nursery?


  1. says

    What an adorable mobile! I love how it can be customized to match the bedding and is something even the uncrafty like myself can do!

  2. Danielle K says

    I love all things Disney and am so sad these sets weren’t out a few years ago when my son was a baby. That mobile is such a great idea and easy to do!

  3. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    I decorated both of my boys bedrooms with Disney when they were younger. This is a great idea, I wonder how hard it would be to do it with finished cloth instead.

  4. Ellen Christian (@ellenblogs) says

    How adorable! What a fun theme for baby – or even for a toddler. Super cute!

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