The We Stand with Boston 10K Walk ~ #WeStandWithBoston #BostonStrong

Last week I wrote a post on the events of April 15, 2013. I admit, it was an emotional post for me to write… However while typing the words into my WordPress draft, it reminded me that there was something I needed to do. There I was telling you all to go out, never stop running, and do exactly what the cowards had tried to stop the City of Boston from doing… living their lives. I needed to take my own advice and get out and run! Unfortunately in my own clumsy way, in doing so, I rolled my ankle and strained my knee. Ugh!

I had signed up previously for the We Stand with Boston Run on April 21st to benefit the One Fund Boston, which serves to raise money to help those families most affected by the tragic events that unfolded during 2013 Boston Marathon. There were 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon options. At the time of registration, I was up for the challenge and chose the 10K. Now here I was, April 21st (yesterday), and on the gimpy side to say the least. I couldn’t let it stop me though. I just couldn’t.

So what did I do? I walked. I grabbed my 40 lb toddler, placed him in the 25 lb stroller, and pushed that 65 lb bundle for 6.2 miles. My pace was slow, and of course my time is way off from my usual 6.2 mile runs. But I did it.

The The We Stand with Boston 10K Walk ~ #WeStandWithBoston #BostonStrongI must say though, the weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, so there was no reason NOT to get out and walk! Do I wish I could have gotten out and actually RAN for Boston? Of course. Though just because I knew I was going to walk and that my time would be slow, I didn’t let it stop me from participating.

I threw on some Red Sox gear, and headed out! My son was kind of over the walk around mile 5, and his urging for us to just “stop and go home” did make it a little difficult. At least he was happy for most of the race! Like I said though, it was a gorgeous day, and maybe it was a good thing I walked instead so I could enjoy the weather. Plus it is always fun when you get a personalized bib!

The The We Stand with Boston 10K Walk ~ #WeStandWithBoston #BostonStrongSo I’ll just go out and admit it… I’m out of shape. Honestly who knows if my 10K time would have been any faster if I jogged/ran without pushing the stroller. December, January, and February weren’t the best months for me running wise. Yes, I had a handful of races, which unfortunately I did not post here (which reminds me I probably should!). However I just didn’t get out and run like I had been previously. The lack of consistent exercise (and maybe enjoying Christmas cookies and Eggnog a little bit too much), took a toll of my body. But I’m back now! Trying to regularly run, and focusing on getting back in shape.

I did participate in another memorial run for Boston, which I will post later this week (or next!). It was another charity run to raise money for One Fund Boston. I am signed up for a Memorial Day Run in honor of the fallen who served our country. That run will raise money for the Honoring Our Fallen, a 501(c)3 non profit, which directly supports families of the fallen specifically during the Transfer of Dignified Remains. Their support comes in directly after the Next of Kin notification.

I’m also hoping to obtain a bib for the Boston Athletic Association’s 10K to take place in June. Wish me luck as this race sells out quick! Before my bestie deploys in July, we plan to run the Merrell Down & Dirty Race. This will be my first real mud obstacle run! Let’s just hope I can get in shape for these races by the time they arrive.

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  1. says

    I was so happy to see this “boston strong” message being spread this year. I was worried that it would scare too many people away fromo participating or celebrating this year. I’m glad everyone has turned it into a positive message instead.

  2. kungphoo says

    Boston Strong is such an inspiring message. Last years events were scary to me. I am glad this year went off without an issue and Boston Stayed Strong!

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