Hot Sriracha Chicken Tacos

hottacosheroWell if you follow me on Instagram, you know one thing for sure… I. Love. Tacos. I never miss a Taco Tuesday! Recently I was testing out a sample of products offered by Giant Food. Did you know they have this amazing Hot Sriarcha glaze? It is perfect for dishes such as pulled pork, chicken wings, or my favorite… in tacos! If you like heat and spice in your food, this is definitely an item you will want to pick up next time you find yourself at Giant. Check out this tutorial for Hot Sriracha Chicken Tacos I made…
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Perfect Taco #Recipes for #CincoDeMayo! ~ #TacoTuesday

Perfect Taco #Recipes for #CincoDeMayo! Today is May 5th, or more commonly known as Cinco De Mayo! To celebrate the day, we are dining on Mexican cuisine tonight. What about you?

To help with your decision making in what to cook, I’ve included several taco recipes below that are just mouth-watering! Feel free to browse below at what creative concoctions my fellow bloggers have come up with…

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Southwest Jalapeno Tacos #Recipe ~ Inspired by #LoneRanger + Featurettes

Southwest Jalapeno Tacos #Recipe ~ Inspired by The Lone Ranger + Featurettes

Lately with all the excitement for The Lone Ranger (which comes out next month), I’ve been inspired in the kitchen to cook with southwest flair and ingredients! Luckily for me, my BFF is talented in the culinary department and had a few new recipes he created that fit perfectly with my new found love of southwest cooking.

This recipe is for Southwest Jalapeno Tacos! If you love spicy food, you are going to love this jalapeno infused meal. It’s packed with delicious pepper flavor and the perfect Mexican ingredient: Dos Equis! FYI… you can obviously make the jalapeno tacos without beer (as it is cooked off eventually) for keeping it family-friendly.

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