Always Stay Fresh with Summer’s Eve ® + Prize Pack #Giveaway

eveheroHere on the East Coast our summer so far is BRUTAL! So when that time of the month comes where I’m grumpy and craving chocolate, I know I don’t exactly feel my “freshest” in the heat. Now I know this isn’t the most popular topic we like to chat about. We all like to think that we are always ‘fresh as a daisy.’ But I know, and you know, we’ve all had those moments of feeling like we need to crawl into the shower and get clean ASAP. Luckily, thanks to Summer’s Eve ®, my “freshness” is the last thing I have to think about when I’m out enjoying summer!

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Travel to a Place That Can Change Your Health and Life


In my life, I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel abroad and see the world. Unfortunately this is not a luxury had by all, and very often, those who do travel, usually only visit  well-known destinations. At times, people are worried to leave their comfort zone, and this can be a huge mistake. Now when I say “mistake”, I don’t just mean missing an opportunity to experience new cultures and new places, but also missing the chance to do something beneficial for your health.

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Create a Runner Gift Basket with goodnessknows® snack squares! ~ #TryALittleGoodness #ad

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goodnessknowsheroEver have those days where you just need to find the best way to release your stress? For me, I like to run. Yes, running is actually a huge stress reliever! It’s actually something I look forward to doing and I even get excited about races. Did you know that winter is actually one of the most popular times to start training for a marathon? Many marathons start in the spring, and to go the distance, you should always train your body. I have many friends who are starting their training next month, so I thought why not create a gift basket for my runner friends to help them jump start their training journey.

When think about what to put in the baskets, typical gifts like socks and blister protection jumped to mind. However I thought why not add something as a treat to enjoy for when they finish training sessions? I recently was at Sam’s Club and discovered these amazingly delicious goodnessknows® snack squares. At only 150 calories a serving, I knew this was the perfect snack to add to the baskets. Why not use a little goodnessknows® to achieve greatness, such as completing a marathon?

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Martial Arts Vacation ~ How a Trip to Phuket Island Can Improve Your Health

This is a guest post in partnership with SuWit Muay Thai.

amazing-thailand-3-1534392-640x480Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia and a top travel destination! When you look at the fact that there are so many interesting places in Thailand, this aspect has helped the country remain on the top lists of best travel destinations for years! One of the most interesting and exciting places in Thailand to visit is Phuket Island, which is the largest island.

There are so many activities that you can do in Phuket that it will definitely take more than just one holiday to check out everything offered. While a vast majority of people who travel to Phuket want to visit some of the beautiful beaches around, they also want to see the stunning nature of Thailand in many of the parks located there. Hiking, trekking, swimming, diving, beach activities are just a few of the experiences there that will bring positive impact to your health.

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Spicy Shrimp & Pepper Noodle #Recipe

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SpicyHeroImageOver the years, I’ve had an on and off relationship with… spicy food. Here’s the deal. I LOVE spicy food. Absolutely love it. However it doesn’t always love me, causing bad heartburn. Now that road racing, as in running, season is here, I can’t risk not finishing a race because of a case of indigestion! Racing is a huge part of my life. Luckily anytime I enjoy my favorite spicy foods the night before a race, I can take Nexium 24HR knowing I’ll be perfectly find to cross the finish line the next day.

The last thing you want while running 3.1, 6.2, or 13.1 miles is that indigestion pain! With Nexium 24 HR, just one pill daily gives me all-day, and all-night protection. This is the perfect solution for frequent heartburn. With the 24 hour protection, I love knowing that I can take the purple pill and then do not have to worry about heartburn during my race. Nexium 24HR allows me to enjoy the life I love, which consists of spicy food and running!SpicyBottleCloseUpNow the night before any race, I love to load up on carbs! What better way to enjoy carbs though than with a bit of spiciness, especially now that I’m using Nexium 24HR. One of my favorite recipes to create pre-race night is Spicy Shrimp & Pepper Noodles! The noodles provide the carbs for energy, the shrimp provide the protein, and there is lots of spice packed in. Plus as I mentioned, I don’t have to worry about discomfort from this meal thanks to Nexium 24HR. [Read more…]