Simple Earth Day Craft for Toddlers ~ #EarthDay

Earth Day Craft idea for a simple treeIn case you didn’t already know, Earth Day 2013 will occur on April 22! Earth Day serves as an annual day to celebrate worldwide the environment, as well as to demonstrate support for environmental protection. So my two year old might not exactly understand everything there is to know about why the environment needs protection. However, since he loves trees, I tell him Earth Day is to celebrate the trees!

The other day we worked on a simple craft project that is easy for toddlers! All you need is a toiler paper roll (or a paper towel roll cut shorter), and then green card stock paper to create an adorable free standing tree. If you don’t have green card stock, you can use the card board of a cereal box and either paint it green, or glue green construction paper on it.

Cut the green paper into the shape of a “tree top.” Using crayons, paint, or even other pieces of paper to glue onto the tree, let your child create a fun design.

Earth Day Craft idea for a simple treeWhile they are busy working on their tree top, cut two 1/2 inch slots in the roll. You’ll want to do one on each side. This is where you will insert the paper tree top.

Earth Day Craft idea for a simple treeOnce the slots have been cut and your little one is finished with their design, simply slide in the paper into the roll. No gluing necessary!

Earth Day Craft idea for a simple treeThere you go! You have a fun free standing tree for your child to play with! Now that my son has his own “tree” we talked about trees and Earth, in well, terms a 2 year old could understand. I told him it was the Earth’s birthday! Since it is a birthday, it is a special day where we will celebrate the Earth. Though I’m not sure he understood what or who Earth is, he definitely understood a birthday and celebrating!

Earth Day Craft idea for a simple tree

After he made his tree, we went outside to talk about the sky, the dirt, the flowers, and even the little bugs we saw crawling around. Yes, we even took a walk to where some trees were so he could show the “big trees” his tree creation.

Don’t forget to celebrate Earth Day 2013 on April 22! This is a great time to teach your little one about nature and how we must not only respect it, but help protect it.

Earth Day Craft idea for a simple tree


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