Marshmallow Easter Bunnies Recipe FAIL!

marshmallow bunnies

For my blog, I enjoy experimenting with various projects, such as recipes. There is a mix of tweaking ones I find in my cookbooks, online, throwing stuff together in the kitchen, or trying to recreate projects from the past. The later was the case of the Fluffy Marshmallow Easter Bunnies. Ah yes, these little marshmallow bunnies and the pain they caused! Let me start out with the recipe…


Jumbo marshmallows
Vanilla frosting
Shredded coconut (sweetened if possible)
Color icing / gel icing / whatever you would like to use to create a bunny face

Directions for Marshmallow Bunnies

To start it’s quite simple. Grab some jumbo size marshmallows. Each bunny require two: one for the head and one for the body. Take a marshmallow and evening spread the frosting around the sides.

marshmallow bunnies

After that, roll the marshmallow in the coconut so that it coats the sides of the marshmallow. Set them aside till you have an even number created.

marshmallow bunnies

Next take two of the coated marshmallows and stack them like “snowmen,” except make sure you place frosting between them to hold them in place. I prefer to turn the “head” of the bunny horizontal and place it on a “vertical” body. Then take an uncoated plain marshmallow and cut out two slices for the ears. Attach them to the head again with frosting to hold them in place.


Now here is where I should have used gel writing icing, or even candy pieces to create an adorable bunny face. However, I thought I could “wing”and create something with the pink frosting I had on hand. Boy was I wrong! The faces just looked sloppy! The ears started falling because I originally cut them too big. So I slapped on more frosting which just also made a mess. My final product was quite horrible!

I knew while taking photos that the bunnies looked sloppy messy and well, not that great at all. When I uploaded the pictures, viewing them again, I knew there was no way I could post this project. Now there has been a number of recipes I’ve worked on in my kitchen that ended up tasting absolutely delicious, but looked so horrible that was no way I could post them. I was learning towards that once again with the bunnies. Until I realized that maybe I should share these so you all know what NOT to do when creating your bunnies.

I shared my FAIL image with some bloggy friends, you know, just to give them a good laugh. Yes, my bunnies were pretty pathetic. Then one of them piped in how my bunnies looked like “World’s Ugliest Dog” contestants! Go ahead, I’ll give you a minute to Google Image Search “World’s Ugliest Dog.” She was right! I totally see the resemblance now! Okay, so I fail at creating marshmallow bunnies. However I totally win at creating Marshmallow Ugly Dogs!

marshmallow bunnies


  1. says

    I tried to make a white chocolate dipped marshmallow bunny, and I had a lot of problems. It’s harder than it looks, the ears kept falling off!! I like the idea of adding the coconut for texture.

  2. says

    I tried my first Easter cupcakes two years ago, I tried and tried and finally threw everything away. I was so disappointed in them they made your failure look like a grand prize winner!

  3. says

    I love them! I also really like seeing someone else’s REAL stuff. I am not a foodie and my recipes don’t always turn out beautiful. Have you seen my Festivus Pole post? LOL

  4. says

    LOL That’s AWESOME!!!
    I have so many recipe fails! I never post them! After seeing you, I’m totally going to start! I’m so glad you did! SUPER job on The World’s Ugliest Dog! #Winning!!

  5. says

    That is not a fail in my book, that is exactly how ours would have turned out! I think they are a very cute reality version of what the bunnies should look like, not those “fluke” pictures shown on Pinterest.

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