Celebrate 2013 with ChocolatRouge Wine! ~ #Wine #Review

A perfect evening at home usually involves an additional two things… chocolate and wine. Whether it is just having a Date Night In,  Girls Night of Chit Chat, or just hosting a party at your home, I have found the perfect wine to serve… ChocolatRouge Wine!

ChocolatRouge Wine has created three unique, yet elegant chocolate and red wine combinations for any occasion  Blending these two popular flavors together has created the perfect drinks to celebrate with in the New Year.

ChocolatRouge generously sent me their three wines: Sweet Red Blend, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Red Blend! While all three include of the combo of chocolate and wine, they still taste quite different from one another.


Since it was the holidays, I figured what better way to taste test these wines than with some of my loved ones! Luckily for me, they are all wine drinkers.

First up we tried the Dark Red, which is described as a fine red wine blend with dark chocolate flavors. If someone who enjoys red wine prefers a sweeter taste, then they may enjoy this wine with a filet mignon, steak, or other red meat pairing. The wine definitely has an aroma of chocolate, which is quite enticing. However  this may serve better as an after dinner wine if one is swayed by the scent.

Second, we tried the Sweet Red. This wine can be described as a blend of fine red wine and rich chocolate flavors “reminiscent of chocolate-dipped red berries with a soft velvety finish“. I definitely found this wine much sweeter than the Dark Red. I almost feel like it could serve as a replacement of a port wine.


The last bottle we tried was the Milk Chocolate wine. This one was actually my favorite! It was a blend of rich chocolate flavors with a fine red wine. Definitely the sweetest of the three, however it goes down quite smooth. This wine is meant to be served chilled or on the rocks. Milk Chocolate also reminded me of some chocolate and cream based cocktails that I drink. This is a great alternative price wise and calorie count wise! This wine quickly became my evening “night cap” drink during the holidays. I love how affordable these wines are at $11.00 a bottle!

A favorite aspect of these wines is how versatile they are to use in cocktail recipes! For instance I’m loving the ChocolatRouge Orangette, where you simply mix 2 oz. of the Rich Chocolate and 1 oz. orange syrup. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a chocolate-covered orange peel or twist of orange. Delicious! You can find a bunch of similar recipes right on their website.

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Buy It: Click HERE to find out where to buy ChocolatRouge wines. You can also visit your local alcohol retailer and inquire on the availability of ChocolatRouge. Each bottle retails for around $11.00.


I received complimentary product(s) to facilitate this review from the sponsoring company. This is 100% my own honest opinion. No one has influenced me otherwise and I was in no way compensated financially. This review is solely based on my own experience with this product.


  1. Cris Henry says

    My husband and I were just in a local liquor store a couple weeks ago and they were handing out free samples of this! YEP, we bought a bottle!!!!

  2. says

    Oh wow!! This looks great!! I have yet to try a choc wine but have had other friends comment on how great it taste. Best of both worlds I suppose!

  3. says

    Sounds interesting. I am not the biggest fan of wine and usually only cook with it. My parents would love for me to acquire a taste for wine though, maybe chocolate would do it!

  4. says

    Although I’m not a fan of chocolate or wine – I know a few who are and am definitely sharing this with them. A cool product I never would have thought of!

  5. says

    Wow, it looks just like chocolate milk! I’ve never heard of such a thing but you made it sound so tasty, I am going to have to look into this brand more, thanks for sharing!

  6. says

    I will have to check to see if they have low or no alcohol wines. I just discovered that some places do and am loving it. I have a teenager in the house so we do not keep alcohol here and I miss my wine!

  7. says

    I saw chocolate wine at the store lst week and was very curious about it. Now after reading your review I REALLY want to try it…especially bring it to a girls night in to share for something FUN! THANKS!

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