Create a Runner Gift Basket with goodnessknows® snack squares! ~ #TryALittleGoodness #ad

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goodnessknowsheroEver have those days where you just need to find the best way to release your stress? For me, I like to run. Yes, running is actually a huge stress reliever! It’s actually something I look forward to doing and I even get excited about races. Did you know that winter is actually one of the most popular times to start training for a marathon? Many marathons start in the spring, and to go the distance, you should always train your body. I have many friends who are starting their training next month, so I thought why not create a gift basket for my runner friends to help them jump start their training journey.

When think about what to put in the baskets, typical gifts like socks and blister protection jumped to mind. However I thought why not add something as a treat to enjoy for when they finish training sessions? I recently was at Sam’s Club and discovered these amazingly delicious goodnessknows® snack squares. At only 150 calories a serving, I knew this was the perfect snack to add to the baskets. Why not use a little goodnessknows® to achieve greatness, such as completing a marathon?

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Running Update + I’m Officially Spartan Race Enlisted!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you all on my running progression. Looking back in my “Running & Races” tab, I haven’t really updated the blog on a race since January. Ooops!

Well back in August I started to taking my running seriously… I ran 60 miles last month, and aimed each month to surpass the prior month in miles. As you can see, for September, I’ve already beaten August!milesI’ve also taken up hiking with a 20 lbs + ruck sack! Now that’s an awesome workout! As mentioned previously, I was originally going to participate in the the Mogadishu Mile GORUCK Tough Challenge with friends of mine next week. However, I will be on a press trip for Disney (which I’m super duper excited for! Follow along via #GoodDinoEvent!). kinderruckToday though I have excited news as I just enlisted for my first Spartan Race ever! It’s not till summer of 2016, so I still have plenty of time to train. However I’m super excited and look forward to hitting this goal.

ziyviqdoI still have updated to you all on my Joggin’ For Frogmen race, and in November I’m doing the Across the Bridge 10K. So glad to be back into running and hopefully now I can start regularly updating you on my progress!

BattleFrog Virtual 5K Run ~ ‪#‎YearOfTheFrog ‪#‎BattleFrogVR‬ ‪#‎BattleFrogVirtual5K

So looking at my running tag, I noticed that I actually haven’t posted about any races since April… YIKES!

Honestly, part of it is because running wise, I let myself get out of shape. Horribly out of shape. I can’t blame it all on my knee injury. It was my own doing that I stopped running.

Back on Veteran’s Day, I did participate in a 5K run, but my time was so horrible, I think I was somewhat embarrassed to share it with you all.

So earlier this year, I decided to sign up for the BattleFrog Virtual 5K Run presented by the BattleFrog Series. The challenge was we had to complete a 5K at some point between January 9th and 18th. I decided to do mine last night for some reason. Call me crazy, but I kind of liked the idea of making it more challenging by running in 30 degree weather and dodging the ice patches still intact on the running trail.
BFCollage1Now if you aren’t familiar with the BattleFrog Series, it is an intense series of obstacle course races inspired by the challenges real Navy SEALs face every day in the field. Yes these races are designed by active, reserve and retired U.S. Navy SEALs. They are NOT a walk in the park. So since the actual races aren’t easy, I knew I had to make my virtual 5K a little more challenging.

The actual BattleFrog OCR comes to my local area in late October. I’m hoping I can be in shape, and train well enough to take on the challenge. Of course I’m disappointed with my 5K time, but I guess I just need to take on the challenge to improve my time!

All opinions are 100% my own.

Tips on How to Get Your Child Into Running!

All opinions are my own.
SharkRunningAt three years old, I’ve noticed my son’s normal energetic levels have increased to “OMG, WHERE IS HE GETTING ALL THIS ENERGY!!” Seriously! He’s giving up naps and still can run around like a little mad man. I’m starting to realize more and more the need for him to get outside and burn that energy and wear himself out. It will make bedtime that much easier! This is why I’ve decided to get him into running. Even at his young age, running can quickly become a fun activity that goes beyond just racing around the playground.

Right now my focus is just for my son to find a fun activity where he can not only be active, but feel like he’s made an accomplishment. At older ages, kids will have running tests in school. While my son still has a few years to go, it’s not too early to start preparation!

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The We Stand with Boston 10K Walk ~ #WeStandWithBoston #BostonStrong

Last week I wrote a post on the events of April 15, 2013. I admit, it was an emotional post for me to write… However while typing the words into my WordPress draft, it reminded me that there was something I needed to do. There I was telling you all to go out, never stop running, and do exactly what the cowards had tried to stop the City of Boston from doing… living their lives. I needed to take my own advice and get out and run! Unfortunately in my own clumsy way, in doing so, I rolled my ankle and strained my knee. Ugh!

I had signed up previously for the We Stand with Boston Run on April 21st to benefit the One Fund Boston, which serves to raise money to help those families most affected by the tragic events that unfolded during 2013 Boston Marathon. There were 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon options. At the time of registration, I was up for the challenge and chose the 10K. Now here I was, April 21st (yesterday), and on the gimpy side to say the least. I couldn’t let it stop me though. I just couldn’t.

So what did I do? I walked. I grabbed my 40 lb toddler, placed him in the 25 lb stroller, and pushed that 65 lb bundle for 6.2 miles. My pace was slow, and of course my time is way off from my usual 6.2 mile runs. But I did it.

The The We Stand with Boston 10K Walk ~ #WeStandWithBoston #BostonStrongI must say though, the weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, so there was no reason NOT to get out and walk! Do I wish I could have gotten out and actually RAN for Boston? Of course. Though just because I knew I was going to walk and that my time would be slow, I didn’t let it stop me from participating.

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