‘Enjoy the Sweet Life’ Snack Mix #Recipe! ~ #LoveMyCereal #QuakerUp #spon

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Quaker. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias #LoveMyCereal #QuakerUp You ever enjoy a delicious meal and but then want a little something sweet to enjoy afterward but don’t want a full dessert? I run into this issue often! That’s why I love to make and… [Continue Reading]


Perfect Lunch for Busy Moms: Campbell’s® Slow Kettle Soup ~ #LoveLunchIn #CollectiveBias #Ad

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LoveLunchIn #CollectiveBias As a someone who works outside of the home, it is a rarity I get to sit down and enjoy an actual lunch meal during the work week. One of my New Year Resolutions is to… [Continue Reading]


Enjoying Family Time Thanks to Gold Peak Coffee! ~ #SipOfHome

This posting is on how I’m enjoying family time is sponsored by Gold Peak Coffee. I was sent promotional items from Gold Peak Coffee as part of compensation. All opinions are my own. Since my son started school in September, I feel like life has become even busier! As I’m already a single working mom,… [Continue Reading]


Experiencing Laundry Bliss with Target & Purex Laundry Care! ~ #LaundryBliss #CollectiveBias #shop

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. And its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. As a busy working mom, my schedule is tight! Time is precious, and there are some days that I feel like my quality “me-time” or family time is dwindling. I’m always on the look out on how to… [Continue Reading]


Sparkly Savings & Teaching Kids Chores with Finish! + Printable Chore Chart ~ #SparklySavings #CollectiveBias #shop

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. As a busy mom who works outside of the home, one thing I feel I’m definitely limited on is TIME! Trust me, I’d much rather be spending time with my son or enjoying my favorite TV show than… [Continue Reading]


Penguins of Madagascar Are Ready for the Big Game! ~ #PenguinsMovie

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Who is ready for the Big Game this weekend? I know I am! Go Patriots! Do you know who else is though? Those crazy Penguins of Madagascar!

unnamedDreamWorks’ PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR hits Blu-ray and DVD March 17th! These cute and cuddly penguins are back for another hilarious adventure that proves global espionage is for the birds! Everyone’s favorite super-spies Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private, team up with the elite North Wind to save the world.

In the mean time though, the boys have a special weekend mission… To make it to the field in time for the big game!


Don’t forget to connect with the Penguins on Facebook and Twitter!

Who will you cheer on this weekend for the Super Bowl? Which super spy Penguin do you think would be named Super Bowl MVP?

Romantic Restaurants to Eat at in #Annapolis! ~ #Dinner4Valentines

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SoFabRomanticAs part of the SocialFabric network, I’ve teamed up with my fellow bloggers to give our readers recommendations for romantic restaurants in each of our hometowns. I’m sure you’ve probably caught on by now that my hometown is Annapolis, the capital of Maryland. Now I recently just posted my Dining Guide for Valentine’s Day in Annapolis. However, if you are looking for just the romantic spots for you and your significant other, make sure you keep reading below…

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Dining Guide to Valentine’s Day in #Annapolis ~ #VisitAnnapolis #Dinner4Valentines

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DiningAnnapolisVDayPhoto credit: Lee Anne of imonet73

I’ve lived in Annapolis off and on throughout my life. Over the years, one of my favorite parts about living here is the wide variety of restaurants and dining establishments. Our unique little city offers a selection of any cuisine you can image. Of course being right on the Chesapeake Bay, seafood (yay crabs!) is the specialty, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have other varieties to offer. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, check out a few of my favorite local spots to spend the holiday…

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Kindergarteners Today are the Leaders of Tomorrow: Help Bring Technology into the Classroom!

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Recently I was chatting with a friend of mine who is a kindergarten teacher at a nearby school. She noted how several of her students come from very low-income households and the only technology they experience is there in her classroom.

I want to applaud her for taking the initiative to improve her classroom and keep it up to date with the latest technology. She started a DonorsChoose campaign to purchase four (4) Nabi Jrs. for her students to use. What better way to help them engage in activities that promote collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity!

thHer students will be using Nabi Jr. in many areas of academics both independently and collaboratively. They will be super useful during the “listen to reading” station of Daily 5, math centers, small group lessons, self-directed literacy centers, and research for science activities. As she has several ESOL students, the Nabi Jr will provide great vocabulary practice!

Please consider donating and help her classroom purchase their Nabi Jrs.!

Click HERE to donate today!

DonorsChoose.org is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that provides an easy way to make a difference in public schools. Teachers across the United States post classroom project requests on the website and citizens choose which projects to fund. DonorsChoose.org then purchases and delivers the requested materials.

Perfect Game Day Snack: Warm Bacon Blue Cheese Dip #Recipe! ~ #BigGameSnacks #Ad

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DipBigGameHeroSimply put… My family loves sports. We watch it all: baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball, and right now… football! As a single mother, it isn’t so easy for me to hire a babysitter every time I want to join my friends at the local sports bar to watch our favorite teams play. So lately I’ve been playing hostess at my home, setting up an enticing display of football snacks to get my friends to come over. One of my favorites to make is a Warm Bacon Blue Cheese Dip that goes perfect with Cheez-It Grooves and Pringles chips!

After checking out the variety of chips and crackers available at my local Walmart, I started using either Original or Bacon flavored Pringles with the dip. This year I was excited to discover the new product Cheez-It Grooves! Cheez-It offers this hybrid of a chip ad crack in Original Cheddar and Zesty Cheddar Ranch. However the Cheez-It Grooves in Sharp White Cheddar goes perfectly with this dip. Another new Cheez-It product that is great for those Big Game snacks is Cheez-It CRUNCH’D. These cheese puffs are so delicious that my toddler ate most of them before this momma and her guests had a chance to taste them!

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For the Perfect “Me Moment”: Raspberry Chocolate Skinny Smoothie #Recipe! ~ #MullerMoment #ad

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YogurtHero2Oh how I love desserts! One of my favorite ways to enjoy a little “me moment” of indulgence, is to curl up with my favorite book and a deliciously sweet treat. Ice cream is certainly one of my favorites to enjoy. However, there are times when I want something sweet and yummy but would like a “better for you” alternative. This is why I was super excited to discover Müller® Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt!

Now I love my ice cream milkshakes. I make them for dessert all the time, and I admit… they probably aren’t the best treat for me. Müller® Yogurt though is quite nutritious. I love that they offer a variety of flavors inspired by some of my favorite ice creams, such as Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Bean.

Want to know a great alternative to an ice cream shake? A Raspberry Chocolate Skinny Smoothie made with Müller® Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt! These smoothies are great to enjoy at any time. Whether you’d like a touch of indulgence to start your morning, a delicious afternoon snack, or as an after dinner treat that has a balance of taste and nutrition… you can feel good about eating dessert first!

YogurtCloseUpSo what makes Müller® Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt a great alternative? This yogurt is an excellent source of source of protein with 7g. Plus Müller® contains less sugar than other yogurts out there, and only is 190-210 calories.


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BattleFrog Virtual 5K Run ~ ‪#‎YearOfTheFrog ‪#‎BattleFrogVR‬ ‪#‎BattleFrogVirtual5K

So looking at my running tag, I noticed that I actually haven’t posted about any races since April… YIKES!

Honestly, part of it is because running wise, I let myself get out of shape. Horribly out of shape. I can’t blame it all on my knee injury. It was my own doing that I stopped running.

Back on Veteran’s Day, I did participate in a 5K run, but my time was so horrible, I think I was somewhat embarrassed to share it with you all.

So earlier this year, I decided to sign up for the BattleFrog Virtual 5K Run presented by the BattleFrog Series. The challenge was we had to complete a 5K at some point between January 9th and 18th. I decided to do mine last night for some reason. Call me crazy, but I kind of liked the idea of making it more challenging by running in 30 degree weather and dodging the ice patches still intact on the running trail.
BFCollage1Now if you aren’t familiar with the BattleFrog Series, it is an intense series of obstacle course races inspired by the challenges real Navy SEALs face every day in the field. Yes these races are designed by active, reserve and retired U.S. Navy SEALs. They are NOT a walk in the park. So since the actual races aren’t easy, I knew I had to make my virtual 5K a little more challenging.

The actual BattleFrog OCR comes to my local area in late October. I’m hoping I can be in shape, and train well enough to take on the challenge. Of course I’m disappointed with my 5K time, but I guess I just need to take on the challenge to improve my time!

All opinions are 100% my own.

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